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Ultra Mobile's activation process allows you to transfer your existing number in from your old carrier. To authorize the release of your phone number to Ultra Mobile, you will need your account number from your former carrier, and possibly the corresponding password or PIN code. Your account number can be found on your billing statement, or acquired by contacting your provider's customer service department.

Phone number porting can take up to 24 hours to complete, but most ported numbers are fully activated within 8 hours.

You can check the status of your phone number port online, or in the store where your SIM card was activated. You should check on your port 10 minutes after it’s been submitted to make sure your old carrier has accepted it. Port requests can have three pending statuses:
• Port In Progress - This means that we have submitted your port request to your former carrier, and are waiting for them to either validate the information you submitted or process the request.
• Resolution Required – In this case, we submit your account, phone number, and sometimes zip and password to your former carrier in order to authorize the port. A "Resolution Required" status means that one or more of those fields was incorrect and needs to be updated. If this happens, please correct the supplied information and submit your port-in request again.
• Port-In Denied – Unfortunately this means your porting request has failed. This can happen if your service with your previous carrier is suspended for non-payment, or if a technical error has occurred. If your service was not suspended, please resubmit the request.

If you cannot resolve your port-in request within 24 hours, or your previous carrier stops working and your Ultra Mobile service does not activate, please contact customer service at 888-777-0446.

Cell phones from nearly every manufacturer will work on our network as long as they are GSM compatible and use a SIM card! If you already have a compatible phone, all you need to do is purchase a Ultra Mobile SIM kit.
If your phone meets the following two criteria, your phone will work with Ultra Mobile:
1. Your phone requires a SIM card.
Ultra Mobile has traditional, Micro and Nano SIM cards. Micro and Nano SIM cards are smaller than traditional SIM cards and are typically found in newer phones such as the Samsung Note II, Samsung Note III, Samsung Galaxy S III, and various iPhone models. The Micro SIM is part of Ultra Mobile's standard SIM kit.
2. You have an unlocked phone.
If you begin your Ultra Mobile registration and your phone says, "Restricted" or "Contact Service Provider," doesn't allow you to make calls, or won't grant access your phone book, the phone is most likely locked. Contact your previous carrier to unlock your phone.
Unfortunately, BlackBerry phones and older Sidekick phones will not work or may have limited functionality with Ultra Mobile service. Ultra Mobile cannot guarantee all of a phone's functions – such as picture messaging, web usage, and other phone-specific applications – will be compatible with Ultra Mobile's service.

To access your voicemail, press and hold the number 1 on your phone's keypad, or dial 855-616-9530. To reset your voicemail password, type #PWD# on your keypad and hit "Send."

Setting up an account with Ultra Mobile is easy! Just go to www.ultramobile.com and click the "Login" button in the top right corner of the website.
Once you have arrived at the login page, you will see a “Don’t have a Ultra Mobile login?” message. Click on the message, and you will be directed to a page where you will enter your Ultra Mobile phone number. After you’ve entered your phone number, you will receive your temporary password via text message. Go back to the sign-in page, enter your phone number and temporary password, and you will receive instructions to create your own password.
Now that you've got your own unique password, you're ready to log into your account!

At Ultra Mobile, we do not charge an activation fee and our customers do not have to sign any contracts!

If your phone does not meet the requirements for Ultra Mobile service, you can visit a participating retailer or shop phones & SIMs to purchase a new phone from our impressive lineup!

Effective January 1, 2016, California law requires all sellers of prepaid wireless service to collect certain taxes, fees and mandatory surcharges from prepaid consumers at the time of purchase. The taxes, fees and surcharges will be combined into a single Prepaid Mobile Telephony Surcharge or “Prepaid MTS Surcharge.” The Prepaid MTS Surcharge rate will be applied to the purchase price each time you pay for prepaid wireless service on or after January 1, 2016.

The Prepaid MTS Surcharge may include the following taxes, fees and surcharges that will be collected by the seller on behalf of state and local governments:
• Utility User Tax: A voter-approved tax imposed by some cities and counties to fund local services. Tax rates will vary depending on the locality where the service is purchased;
• Local 911 Emergency Telephone Service Access Charge: A voter-approved tax imposed by some cities to support local 9-1-1 emergency response systems;
• California Public Utilities Commission Telecommunications All-End-User Surcharges and User Fee: Mandated charges that support various public programs and Public Utilities Commission activities;
• California 911 Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge: A mandatory statewide surcharge imposed by the California Office of Emergency Services to support the 9-1-1 emergency response system.

To help you understand how your total charges could increase with the new Prepaid MTS Surcharge, please note the following example. If you were to purchase $20.00 in prepaid wireless service on or after January 1, 2016 in a locality where the Prepaid MTS Surcharge rate is 10%, you will pay $20.00 for service plus a $2.00 surcharge (i.e., $20.00 x 10%) for a total of $22.00. The amount of the Prepaid MTS Surcharge will vary because some cities and counties do not impose a Utility User Tax or a local 911 Charge and cities and counties with Utility User Taxes or local 911 Charges have different rates.

You can find additional information about the Prepaid MTS Surcharge by going to the following website:https://www.boe.ca.gov/industry/prepaid_mts_surcharge.html#mts_rates.
For additional information about this new law, you can contact our customer care at 888-777-0446

Ultra Mobile will honor returns for SIM cards within 10 days of order purchase. It must be returned in its original unopened packaging and the SIM card must not be activated. Refunds will be processed within 15 business days after we receive the returned product. Questions concerning returns or exchanges, please contact us at returns@ultramobile.com.

For our phone return policy, please visit http://www.vertexwireless.com/ns-returnpolicy/ for more information.

It is common in the wireless industry for subscribers to pay taxes, fees and surcharges in addition to their monthly service costs, with customers of the “Big Four” mobile operators sometimes paying more than 25% on top of their monthly plans. The majority of those extra costs are remitted to government agencies to pay for taxes relating to the provision of telecom services and the cost of mandated programs like Universal Service Fund programs.

In the case of Ultra Mobile, our Regulatory Recovery Fee will represent a 2-5% cost on top of monthly airtime charges. This fee allows us to recover a portion of the government-mandated taxes, fees and surcharges for which we are responsible, without affecting the quality of service that we provide to you.

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